Reminded by this Travelettes article today of all the scans I made of my Grandfathers photos a few years ago.  

One of my photos made Fathom Way to Go’s Summer Best!

My travel hacking success story is over on Frugal Travel Guy today.

La Columbe with waxenneat this morning. 

Hungary Recap

Budapest was my favorite new spot of the summer.  I got Berlin vibes from it. It just seemed like a cool place to be at a cool time to be there.  And there were unexpected things about it.  From the way the people looked, to the speed of the escalators (seriously, watch out they are fast!) , to the Erzébet Square——it was all just more forward thinking that I expected.  

Here is a list of my favorites:

To Do:

  • Lake Balaton: While Budapest was great I highly encourage you to get out of the city and visit Lake Balaton on a lovely summer day.  
  • Buda Castle:  Beautiful city and river views from the top of this hill. 
  • St. Stephens Basillica: Perfect for people watching and finding couples in matching outfits!
  • Puzzle Rooms!
  • Baths! We went to the Szechenyi baths and had a great time!

To Eat:

  • Kolves: in the hip Jewish Quarter this was the best meal we had almost the whole trip.  
  • Ruin Bars: Wanter the Jewish Quarter at night and visit as many of these as you can. 
  • Budapest Central Market: Go to the second floor and try a traditional Langos!
  • Gelarato Rosa: Looks as good as it tastes!
  • For Sale Pub: For a cheap and filling lunch. 
  • Levendula: Best gelato in Budapest!

I guess my favorite people are not so perfect. emcalaryphotography this is a read you too. 

Levitated Mass, Los Angeles, 2013 (On my Amtrak Summer)

Read this article this morning about how the boulder in “Levitated Mass” was moved from the quarry to its location at LACMA.  Worth a watch and read this morning. Going to keep my eyes out for Doug Prays new film on the subject. 

Amsterdamn Airport Scenes:

  • Library where you can get a dose of Dutch culture in books and downloadable media. 
  • An airport scene for tv or movie being filmed. 
  • Bread, Cheese, and Tulips for sale.