Alpine Coaster, Hallein Austria, July 2014

Peter Liversidge, Reykjavik Iceland June 2014

Peter Liversidge, Reykjavik Iceland June 2014

Traveling betweek Vienna and Salzburg? Take the Westbahn! It was about half the price of the OBB.  You can also get the QRTY code image emailed to you and you have your ticket in your phone.  So easy! The cabins were also really nice, each one having its own attendant.  

Watching, Vienna July 2014

Reumannplatz Station, Vienna July 2014


We needed to escape and listen to the peaceful sounds of chirps and gurgling streams. w/ katiefielding

They say the third times a charm.  With you, its always a charm.  Your fog, rain, and vikings.  

Those two weeks with you were like a sad romance. You giving, me taking, me trying to give, and then you just crying.  You cried from the skies those last days.   Maybe it was your way of telling me you knew our time was up.  Maybe you know that I need to go to more vivid places with sun for a while.  

So for a while I won’t see you.  Ill think of you fondly, you and those white nights.  You with your cliffs and birds and coves.  

Ill think of you fondly always.  

Getting Soaked (in Art) in Vienna:

I arrived in Vienna one day before I was supposed to meet my friend Emily in Salzburg.  Since Hotel Daniel, was a bit away from most of the Vienna sites Emily and I planned to see when we returned later in the week, I decided to explore was was nearby, as we would be staying at a different hotel upon out return.   

I had heard there was a David LaCapelle show at Ankerbrot, which used to be an old bread factory. The Ankerbrot is a collective of 10 contemporary art galleries which you must visit if even in Vienna. The people working there were also really friendly, which sometimes you don’t experience in a gallery setting.  Even more than the LaCapelle show I went to see, I enjoyed a street art exhibit in a neighboring gallery called Cash, Cans and Candy, its there till September if you get the chance to pop in. 

By the time I am ready to leave the galleries it is raining, and of course I am a 30 minute walk from the hotel at this point without an umbrella or rain jacket.  Its just me, my chambray dress, and my camera.  So I do what any plucky girl should do—and I took to the streets hoping to make it to the metro 4 blocks away without getting to wet.

Ankerbrot seems to be located in what is now immigrant populated muslim neighborhood.  The streets were beautifully tree lined and I walked right down the middle of them taking advantage of their cover.  They sheltered me until I made it to the metro station, where I was able to go two stops to my hotel.  Unfortunately the 2 blocks from the metro to my hotel were no so tree lined and I ended up getting soaked along the way. You forget how fun and carefree it can feel to get soaked by rain because we spend so many precautions preventing it.  Getting soaked by rain in Vienna is bliss.

I dry off in my hotel and eat some soup.  Warm my body as the rain lets up.  

After lunch I head to 21er Haus, one of Vienna’s contemporary art museums just 2 blocks from my hotel.  Really great collection here, and the buildings design is lovely to boot.  I loved seeing the Olafur Eliasson photos of Iceland having just been there, as well as the way the gift shop was organized by color.  

Next time your in Vienna don’t be afraid to get a little wet.