Just across from the central market you will find this ice cream parlor, Levendula.  Not only were the flavors fantastic (violet!!!), but this ice cream will apparently make you amorous. 

Next Stop!

Found this cute market with local produce.  I got one of those sausages and it was only 70 cents!  Local cured meats at 70 cents??? Yes please. Kicking myself for not getting the details on the name to share here.  

And I thought I had all the original milk fantasies!

Bratislava, Slovakia


Can some cool kid out there please write a “Back to School” slang post for this teacher?  I got “bae” and “ship” under my belt but I need more.

Thanks, k, bye. 

Miss Fielding

marquettesierra i am looking at you…..

Bratislava turned into my favorite city on my trip this summer.  It has that old world european feel, but because most do it as a day trip from Vienna the streets are relatively tourist free in the evenings/night.  

We stayed at the Park Inn Danube, which was only 9,000 points/night. Quite a value if your a Club Carlson member.  Our three night stay was only 18,000 points because I have the CC visa and get the last night free. Our room was SO nice, probably the best on Carlson hotel stay on our trip. 

Bratislava has a couple must see attractions like the castle and the blue church.  The rest of the time you can while the day away drinking the interesting lemonade combinations that every restaurant has, and take photos with the sculptures that are scattered around town.