Ruin Bar 3: Fogashaz

This place had some rad live music happening when we stopped by. 

Ice Cream Crawl Part 1:

Perfect end of summer Labor Day Staycation activity?? Ice Cream Crawl your city!

Yesterday my friends aliciasquared and I went on a little ice cream crawl around DC.  We started out at the newish Dolcezza Gelato Factory and Lab by Union Market. On Saturday and Sundays you can take a tour of the factory, then follow it up with a couple scoops.  

This place definitely had the dreamiest decor of the bunch—and a great location by all the other find food stuffs at Union Market.  There flavors run more traditional and pure, though they do collabs with chefs around the city that you can find in those chefs restaurants.  

Ice Cream Crawl Part 2:

After the tour at Dolcezza we climbed in my mini and set about to the next four stops:

  1. Pitango Gelato: We went to the Capital Hill location, but there are several more around town. 
  2. Ice Cream Jubilee: Located at the new development in the Navy Yard. 
  3. Milt Cult:  We found this sandwhich at Glens Garden Market, but we had first stopped at Little Red Fox which was also supposed to have them.  They didn’t but did have their own house made ice cream sandwhich that we didn’t try.  
  4. Trickling Springs Creamery: Back where we started at Union Market. 

Ill save you all the details, but here is my Good/Bad/Ugly:

Good: Tricking Springs has the creamiest ice cream, and Ice Cream Jubilee had the most interesting flavors.  Going to either of these locations will make you happy. 

Bad: We pitted ice cream versus gelato.  Gelato is gonna be smoother, while ice cream is gonna be creamier.  Maybe this wasn’t a fair test. 

Ugly: Sorry Milk Cult. I REALLY wanted to like you.  Great packaging? Check.  Interesting concept? Check. But the ice cream was too icy, and the corn flake concoction was too sweet.  This doesn’t mean I don’t want to try your more traditional vanilla on chocolate wafer, but I am not gonna go hunting around town for it. 

Ruin Bar 2: Szimpla

One of the oldest and most established of the ruin bars.  You can eat, watch movies, and drink here.  

Ruin Bar 1: Kuplung

Budapest’s Jewish quarter is dotted with ruin bars, or bars that have sprung up in the ruins of abandoned buildings.  They don’t do much construction to make the bar, but rather work with the structure they have. This was one of my favorite, not only because Monday when were were there was half price drinks, but it was really open air—and considering how many people smoke here that is essential. 

The central market in Budapest is an odd mix of touristy and local.  The lower level is were the locals really come to buy meat and vegetables from the intricately organized stands.  Upstairs is where tourists can go to get their embroidery and paprika souvenirs.  Upstairs you can also get a lángos, which you can see gave me crazy eyes.  Fried dough, sour cream, and cheese.  Yes, yes, yes. 

You can stand in this line to take the funicular up to Budacastle or you can walk up the hill which only took me, a person with cystic fibrosis, only 10 minutes. Basically leave this funicular to people whose legs don’t work well, don’t make them wait because your a little lazy.  (Also overheard this is for Americans!)

In front of St. Stephens Basilica we spotted this matching couple.  

Right next to St. Stephens Basilica you can get rose shaped ice cream at Gelarto Rosa