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Levitated Mass, Los Angeles, 2013 (On my Amtrak Summer)

Read this article this morning about how the boulder in “Levitated Mass” was moved from the quarry to its location at LACMA.  Worth a watch and read this morning. Going to keep my eyes out for Doug Prays new film on the subject. 

Amsterdamn Airport Scenes:

  • Library where you can get a dose of Dutch culture in books and downloadable media. 
  • An airport scene for tv or movie being filmed. 
  • Bread, Cheese, and Tulips for sale. 

One of the best days in Hungary was spent in Siófok on Lake Balaton. Just an hour and a few dollars for the train ticket, just outside Budapest you can experience how the average Hungarian experiences summer holiday. Lake Balaton is very shallow, so you are able to walk very far out into the water, motor boats also seem prohibited in much of the lake so it is peaceful.  

While there is a free public beach, take my advice and go to the one of the pay beaches.  The best 3 dollars I have ever spent.  You get a nice grassy water side lawn, little cafes and clean bathrooms (watch out for the ladies who are unofficially manning the bathrooms—they are not staff of the beach, no need to tip them).  

This was a great way to get away from the city, and I think we were some of the only tourists there. So much so at the gyro stand I stopped at, the guy behind the counter insisted he bring me my gyro while everyone else was just doing walk up service. They sure know some hospitality.  

Young Love

Watched this couple say goodbye and cry for a good 30 minutes before the train left towards Lake Balaton.  I am sure that he was just going to the beach with his family for a week or so—-but it seemed like they may never be able to touch again. 

The best meal we had in Hungary was at Koleves in the Jewish Quarter. Not only was the menu clearly labeled for vegetarians and gluten free, but the food and atmosphere were tops.  Cute little antiques all over to look at, and the food is all delicious to boot.  They have garden apartments for rent to, which I would want to check out if I ever returned.