House, Grimsey Island June 2014

Ferry to Grimsey Island, Iceland 2014

In other news, I rode around on a Unicorn today. Didn’t read about this in the tourist guides!

Another day, another pretzel in my mouth.

In Akureyri we stayed at a nice hotel owned by Icelandair. It was probably the priciest of the hotels for our month long trip—because there were few options up there to choose from.  It was this place, another that was full (even when we were booking 2+ months ago), and then hostels.  So we went for this guy to avoid shared bathrooms.  However—while Emily and I are good friends—we aren’t that intimate and both had to end up still going down to reception to really use the bathroom and the toilet was just behind a piece of sliding glass right next to the bed.  No privacy!  So while it was clean, adorable, and totally had Scandianvian vibes it didn’t have the privacy that we Americans desired.  Go here with someone you know well….or really want to know well…..ha. 

Calder Continued

There wasn’t a Calder at the museum today, his absence reminded me of yours.

2 hours in Germany and a Pretzel

"Be the Change You Want to See the in the World"

Hallur Gunnarsson owns this house and wall which he allows artists to put their work up on.  Read more about it here

See ya later Reykjavik! Onto onto Vienna!

Things That Happen When I Am Not Home

When I’m not home I’ll walk 3km in the rain to get a good lunch.  The bread makes it worth it, you can’t get bread like this back home. We taint everything with sugar.  

I wouldn’t walk this far in the rain at home, or in the sun for that matter.  I would get in my car, pop over to the restaurant just a few blocks away, and park.  I do a lot of things I would never do at home. 

Last time I was here I propositioned the guy behind the ice cream counter to get a beer when he was closed for the night.  Oh that white night. Beer; to car make out; to being cased after by him when we parted ways and I dropped my scarf——being away becomes the thing of movies.  Things just happen when I am away from home.  

I lived another movie once, but I can’t talk about that here.  Its still the story to be savored over wine with pause. Of course it happened when I was away from home. 

When I am away from home I will talk to strangers at the bar, I will either say more or say less than I usually would.  

All this when I am away from home.