Little Yellow Lighthouse, Grimsey Island, June 2014

Cold War Train, Outside Bratislava, July 2014

I crossed the arctic circle…and found a dandilion chain?!??

Puffins and Tall Boy Cokes, June 2014

We found what we imagined was a play house on Grimsey Island.  Only 84 people live here.  There is a K-8 school on the island.  High schoolers go to Akuryeri a few hours away once they are old enough.  Islanders are so beautiful they apparently have no problem finding mainlanders to merry—so there isn’t an inbreeding issue.  

Lunch on Grimsey Island.  The Icelandic lady sitting in back of me insisted I wear her shawl to get warm.  Love Icelanders and their magical coca cola. Not to mention fresh caught fish and chips. 

Ice cream shops are about the only thing open in Linz on Sunday.

Ferry to Grimsey Island (With Requiste Im on a Boat Selfie)

Ice Cream Stare Down

Went to the Ars Electronica Center today and got to wear these rad ears that move in various ways depending on the different impulses they get from your brain. Awesome technology museum—must visit! #Linz #austria #emrobandkftakeeurope #fieldingstravelguidetoeurope (at Ars Electronica)