Detroit On Fire! 

This morning Carly and I hung out with the awesome Emily Schaller, founder of the Rock CF Foundation.  It was so nice for Carly and I to find another awesome 30 something CFer in our midst.  She started the foundation in 2007 to promote awareness of CF in a new modern way. You should roll over to the Rock CF Store and get yourself some swag so we can ROCK CF. 

Detroit, 2014

OMG, go to Mercury Bar now and get the Buffalo tots.  My life has changed. 

Corktown, Detroit

Spend the afternoon exploring a couple exhibits at Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit.  The first State of Exception, contained found objects along the US/Mexican border that were left by immigrants.  This wall of backpacks, all weathered and worn, is a good visual for the amount of people trying to make the journey to what they expect will be a better life. 

The second exhibit going on right now is James Lee Byers: All My Works Cancel at Death, in which other artists have “recreated” the performance art pieces he did throughout his life.  It was interesting to learn about this artist I hadn’t been introduced to before. 

Also, if you vegan (or even not) you will find a great space to find lunch while you are in this part of town.  For a five dollar recommended donation this space is worth a visit.  

When you think of Detroit the things that come to mind if you my age are Eminem, Kid Rock, MoTown and cars.  Detroit is of course known as the Motor City because of its long history with the automobile industry.  It was in this place that Henry Ford not only started mass producing cars in an affordable way, but developed the assembly line which spread to all other forms of factory production.  No longer was one person taking a product from start to finish, but rather one person was just a cog in a larger production machine.  

You can visit The Henry Ford museum in Dearborn Michigan and see many artifacts not only form Ford’s history, but also American history as well.  The collection of cars and their prestine condition was beyond amazing.  I loved the little VW camper van I have pictured here. 

I also thought some of the large machinery was just beautiful. Look at those gothic arches on this huge white steam engine.  I don’t think we put such artistry into machinery today.  This place is a must visit if you are ever in Detroit. 

First Impressions of Detroit

Before leaving on this trip people would ask “Why?” when I said I was going to Detroit.  My response “Why Not?”.  I have heard about the crime, and of course the ruins—-but I knew there would be a rare slice of Americana to be found.  

So far, I think I am right.  There is good food (OMG the hummus I had today in Dearborn rocked my socks), world class museums, and interesting architecture (even if abandoned). 

It is interesting and sad to see burnt out houses—-or really run down once beautiful houses all around town—I can’t wait to see more tomorrow.  

Ended the day in the shadow of the abandoned Amtrak Station in a neighborhood called Corktown.  We had a great dinner at Slows Bar BQ and drinks at Sugar House. Can’t wait to get back here to explore some more interesting places located here.