Next time your in Brooklyn you must visit Ample Hills Creamery.  They have amazing flavors and pretzel cones!!

Judy Chicago at Brooklyn Museum

Selfies in “Swoons Submerged Motherlands” at the Brooklyn Museum

I swooned over the Swoon exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum this weekend. 

Before we arrived in Budapest we read this article about the puzzle rooms there and instantly decided it had to be on the to do list.  We were sure glad we did.  

We ended up going with the TRAP (Team Race Against Puzzles) company, and we chose the Egyptian room.  They put you in the room and you have an hour to solve the word/shape/number puzzles that will help you escape.  Its an awesome concept and if you ever get the change try one.  Would be a great team building experience!

From Buda Castle

This is a really touristy restaurant, but I don’t care! For Sale Pub was quite a deal. Look at that bowl of soup, it could easily serve 3 people and was only seven dollars.  This place is located across from the main market and is a good place to go for lunch as it was pretty empty—I imagine this place is a crazy tourist pub scene at night.  

Just across from the central market you will find this ice cream parlor, Levendula.  Not only were the flavors fantastic (violet!!!), but this ice cream will apparently make you amorous. 

Next Stop!

Found this cute market with local produce.  I got one of those sausages and it was only 70 cents!  Local cured meats at 70 cents??? Yes please. Kicking myself for not getting the details on the name to share here.