I am not into donuts. I just haven’t really be into desserts ever, give me another helping of meat and I am happy.  I have to say though, all the yelp reviews about Ms. Yoders Donuts in Richmond are spot on.  This donut was so warm and gooey—-and almost funnel-cake like in taste.   If you are able to make it over to the South of James Farmers Market on your next trip to Richmond be sure to stand in line for one of these. 

Heard this story this morning on NPR about Global Grannies, a group ladies from Billings MT who have taken to traveling in their golden years after loosing their husbands.  Basically, they are badass.  I feel such a kinship with these ladies, even though I am not old. They have a traveling motto that “we leave out complains, aches, and pains at home”.  Which I totally relate to traveling with cystic fibrosis.  You can’t let your body stop you. 

My favorite piece of wisdom from these ladies was:

"If you want things to be the same as they are at home, then stay at home.  Because were there to travel, to experience, and to enjoy". 

I always crack up at the people on House Hunters International that complain about bathroom size abroad.  They are the epitome of this ladies words—-why are you looking for a change, if you are not willing to take all the trappings that come along with it.  Traveling is about experiencing anything foreign to you—even if that is a small bathroom.

Belle Isle, Richmond Virginia

Iceland, keep being you. I hope to return soon.

Just the Top 5, Skogafoss Iceland (by KatieFielding)

I also use google maps to plot trips, not just kids books. Know of any can’t miss stops, eats, photo ops, hikes along the way?

I have the following on my must do list so far:

  • Detroit Institute of Art
  • Belle Island (Detroit)
  • Get Legit Middle Eastern food in Dearborn
  • Monocle Store (Toronto)
  • Design Museum (Toronto)
  • Take a Picture with the Sour Patch Kids Factory
  • Niagara Falls
  • Eat some Buffalo Wings in Buffalo
  • See some Frank Lloyd Wright houses in Buffalo

What am I missing????

Plotting my next adventure to America’s Great Lakes! See you soon Detroit, Toronto, Niagara, and Buffalo!

Also, book Maps, is the most awesome kids book ever—so awesome I bought it for myself. 

Hoping that I get to return to this place this summer. 

Iceland 2011

Working on filling a jar like this with travel points so that I am able to book my summer travel!

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